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Looking for privacy, space or to maximize safety within your workplace? 

We have solutions for every privacy need.  Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, privacy has always been essential, even in open-concept layouts.  With the proper placement of zone dividers, extenders and shields you can ensure you're providing yourself and your environment the safety and reassurance needed especially in today's world. 

Cubicles are an increasingly important addition to offices needing privacy and space, with the use of glass and non-porous materials (or low-porous).  We can provide an easy to clean and sanitize workstation which will then provide workers with privacy, safety, distance, and most important comfort and ease to be able to be productive and focused.  

We provide FREE space planning making the process of bringing your vision to reality even easier.  Our team has been working endlessly to provide solutions and implement strategies to provide the workers with the security they need to get back to work.

We have heard the demand for Health and Privacy Solutions and have begun making new and amazing custom variations for many,  our manufacturing facility, in Brookpark, provides factory directly options to suit every workplace privacy concern.

When thinking about post-pandemic or the return-to-work that is being highly anticipated, what does the new workplace look like to you?  We have been researching and discussing these things with many of our clients as we all prepare for this next phase.

  • Social distancing will be enforced/encouraged/expected (studies show well into 2022).
  • High-density offices will phase out, as the demand increases for personal space.
  • Higher demand for non-porous materials in high-touch areas, that can be cleaned/sanitized numerous times a day (glass/metal/laminate).
  • Conference tables and collaboration areas accommodating fewer people.
  • Open plans/concepts will need to have additional screens and dividers to ensure space.
  • Working from home will increase as fewer and fewer people are required to be “in-office” enabling more room to accommodate the workers needing to be in the office regularly.
  • Hoteling, “hot desks”, co-working spaces and/or temporary seating will lose popularity as the fear of contagions holds increased relevancy.

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Health and Privacy Solutions


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