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Best Selling Seating Solutions of 2019

By Mandie Lee
November 14, 2019 Category: Seating, Sale

Looking for end of the year upgrades? Another year has come and (almost) gone. Your Q4 results are beginning to roll in and its time to start making some serious decisions for the next year, but first.....here are some great options for finishing out your 2019 expenditures. Weve collected our three top-selling task chairsfrom 2019 for more information on these products and more - Contact Us Derby by Compel - Click here to download brochure Factor by Global -Click here to download brochure Hands down our best seller of 2019 - the Kimball Joya - Click here to download brochure Prices shown are for standard models - some features shown here are not included on standard models, contact your Account Manager or info@natoffice.com for specific pricing.

Seating Solutions

By Mandie Lee
September 05, 2019 Category: Seating

Advances in materials science and a better general understanding of human anatomy in the 70s led to the development of the ergonomic chair, which spread quickly through the office ecosystem. As more and more people spent more time tied to their chairs, the shortcomings of the original design became apparent, and more advanced supports were needed. In recent years, theres been a flurry of activity and advancement in the office chair ecosystem leading to a corresponding explosion of different types of desk chairs. Big and Tall chairs, computer chairs, conference chairs, drafting chairs and stools, executive chairs, kneeling chairs, ergonomic chairs, benches, stacking chairs, folding and nesting chairs, and most recently height-adjustable options for standing height desks. There are dozens of different types of seating solutions, made by a host of different manufacturers. We carry only the highest quality varieties for our customers satisfaction. Here are a few examples of the different

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