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Category: Knowledge

What it takes to spin a good yarn!

By Mandie Lee
January 08, 2020 Category: Knowledge

That plastic bottle you tossed into the recycling bin yesterday could end up in the chair youll be sitting in tomorrow! Well, perhaps not quite that fast, but eventually. It may seem hard to believe, like many a well-spun yarn (story), but in the textile industry its actually true. Thats because the basic component in the textile manufacturing industryfibercan be either natural or synthetic. A fiber is a substance thats significantly longer than it is wide. Natural fibers (known as staple fibers) develop or occur in the fiber shape and come from animal, vegetable and mineral sources, such as wool, silk, cotton and linen. Then there are synthetic, or man-made, fibers (known as filament fibers), which are cellulosic, thermoplastic and mineral in nature. Their chemical composition is significantly modified during the manufacturing process, and they are used to produce rayon, polyester, nylon and fiberglass. This is not the type of fiber your doctor tells you to eat for good health, but it


By Mandie Lee
November 22, 2019 Category: Knowledge, Article

Furniture and layout play an outsized role in the success of open office designs. Heres why and what you can do about it. More than any other single factors, furnishings, and layout drive the success or failure of open plan office design. Creating an open plan office where people can be productive demands an honest look at your clients company culture and the way they do business. Open office design means different things to different people, notes Dave Madson, principal at CBT, an architecture, interior design and urban design firm. Even the companies that fully embrace the open office concept still need enclosed or semi-enclosed areas forgroup collaboration, private conversations, and individual work. Its a good idea to start the design process by understandingwhy your client wants an open plan design solution in the first place and envisioning how other spaces and design features can make that approach successful. Companies that implement an open office strategy tend to do so for

Educational Design

By Mandie Lee
October 03, 2019 Category: Educational, Knowledge

The average age of the American school building is 50 years. Schools are one building type that were all familiar with because weve all been to school, says Prakash Nair, president and founding partner of Fielding Nair Architects, specialists in learning space design. Schools followed the sage on the stage model that is, a classroom layout with a central platform where the teacher stands, and chairs that face it. Its simple enough, and it worked well enough. The challenge now, according to Nair, is to imagine what a school could be, as opposed to what it has always been. What Is Usually OverlookedIn Learning Space Design According to teacher and former interior designer Erin Klein, space plannersoften miss incorporating the students ideas and opinions. Its not the architects fault. One of the first things architects and designers do is they have to bid for jobs that theyre interested in or clients come to them. Either way, theyre consulting with the client. However, that doesnt

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