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Educational Design

Educational Design

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October 03, 2019 Category: Educational, Knowledge

The average age of the American school building is 50 years. “Schools are one building type that we’re all familiar with because we’ve all been to school,” says Prakash Nair, president and founding partner of Fielding Nair Architects, specialists in learning space design.  Schools followed the “sage on the stage” model — that is, a classroom layout with a central platform where the teacher stands, and chairs that face it. It’s simple enough, and it worked well enough. The challenge now, according to Nair, is to imagine “what a school could be, as opposed to what it has always been.”       What Is Usually Overlooked In Learning Space Design According to teacher and former interior designer Erin Klein, space planners often “miss incorporating the students’ ideas and opinions.” It’s not the architect’s fault. “One of the first things architects and designers do is they have to bid for jobs that they’re interested in or clients come to them. Either way, they’re consulting with the client. However, that doesn’t happen in education,” Klein says. She further explains how architects and designers consult with administrative teams instead of students and teachers. The result is consistent with Nair’s concern: Architects end up designing what they think classroom design traditionally looks like, missing the mark


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