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Stephanie Ramser Joins National Office

By admin
April 18, 2018 Category: General

We are so happy to announce the newest addition to our design team. Stephanie has walked these halls before and after a brief absence, shes back!

Crystal Lee Joins National Office

By Admin
March 26, 2018 Category: General

We are happy to announce the newest addition to the front office, Crystal joins us with years of Customer Service experience and a big personality. Crystal will be handling the Front Desk as Director of First Impressions for National Office. We are very excited to have Crystal on board! If you see Crystal, congratulate her on joining our team!

January Install Photos

By admin
January 30, 2018 Category: General

Here are just a few photos from some installs in January.

Summer Trockley joins National Office

By admin
November 15, 2017 Category: , General

WELCOME TO THE TEAM SUMMER! National Office is proud to welcome Summer Trockley as Account Manager in our Sales Department. Summer joins us with over 10 years experience in client relations, most recently with Keep It Local Cleveland.

New Install-gen2 Wall

By admin
June 22, 2017 Category: , General

Local Cleveland install of the gen2 Wall. Also showing gen2 Mark (markerboard painted glass) and gen2 Sliding Door. Update Here is a few before shots.


By admin
May 05, 2017 Category: , General

Celebrating 50 Years of Ingenuity!

By admin
April 28, 2017 Category: , General

May 1st 30th we will be having a month long event, exclusives prizes and discounts to any visitor in the month of May!

gen2 UP 16' Conference Table (height adjustable)

By admin
April 13, 2017 Category: General

Recent install for a customer. gen UP as a 16 conference table power brought to the table by the gen Power Hub. For more information call today 800-321-6165

National Office welcomes Maureen to our team!

By admin
April 11, 2017 Category: , General

The newest addition to our NatOffice Team! Maureen welcome aboard!

Katie Saliba joins National Office

By admin
April 10, 2017 Category: , General

National Office is pleased to announce the addition of Katie Saliba to our team! Katie joins us with many years of experience and a positive attitude, Katie will be joining our Contract Furniture Division as an Account Manager. We are confident that Katie will be a major asset to our team, welcome aboard Katie!

John Quinones joins National Office

By admin
April 03, 2017 Category: , General

Joined: John Quinones has joined National Office Services in Cleveland, Ohio as Contract Furniture Manager. I was attracted by the companys mission, and over 50 years of service to the Northeast Ohio market. Quinones said. National Office is unique in that it is not only a full service office furniture dealership but also the manufacturer of gen2 Office Furniture. Quinones will be responsible for the development and growth of retail / contract sales in Northeast Ohio. This growth will be achieved with the addition of several new lines, team building and product development. National Office anticipates a smooth transition into this role as he comes with over 16 years of experience in the office furniture industry. Most recently, Quinones worked as Contract Furniture Manager for WB Mason, who acquired Todays Business Products. National Office is a full service office furniture dealer, and the manufacturer of gen2 office furniture. National Office sells the gen2 line to dealers all over

gen2 Mark

By admin
October 18, 2016 Category: General

Our versatile line of glass and laminate markerboards We didnt invent the markerboard, but we are coming up with exciting new ways to use them every day! Markerboards have been gaining considerable popularity in recent years due to their fun and functional capabilities. Markerboards are being specified on everything from full size panels, segmented panels and even full size desks and table tops! Use these tools for organization, collaboration and presentations. Our beautiful glass markerboards are available in white or even black which looks especially sharp when used with fluorescent markers. Our glass markerboards are very thin and sleek, not at all the traditional bulky framed variety. These are available in an array of sizes so they can be used virtually anywhere. Glass cleans perfectly with wet or dry cleaners and is a great solution for anywhere you want a functional place to share information with coworkers or clients. Putting the gen in Ingenuity

gen2 UP vs Risers

By admin
October 12, 2016 Category: , General

6 Things to Consider Space Risers take up valuable desk space. With gen UP you keep 100% of your worksurface. Price Most risers cost the same as a completely new gen UP desk, some cost much more. 3: Hassle Most standard worksurfaces are 22 to 24 deep, most risers start at 28 to 30, requiring a custom made worksurface. Safety Risers that are fixed height have been reported to wobble and sway. Risers that are height adjustable have an inherent mechanical attribute of moving out towards the user in an arced movement, introducing instability, while pushing you away from your desk. Function Most risers have 2 options, up or down. gen UP gives you the ability to program 4 heights, or you can manually control the up and down function with the press of a button, making your worksurface the exact height for your needs. Durability gen UP bases can lift 350 lbs and our 3 legged option can lift 525 lbs, just try finding a riser with that capability. We adjust to your height, we adjust

Introducing gen2 LED Tasklight

By admin
August 05, 2016 Category: Gen2, LED, Task Light

Price! The #1 reason to buygenLED Tasklights. They are the same price as fluorescent tasklights. If thats not enough for you, here are a few more reasons. 2. Its just BETTER! a) Dimmable, with touch sensitive on/off control. b) Lights can be linked (daisy-chained) c) Small/Light-weight d) Easy to install; includes magnetic and wood mounting hardware. e) LEED points are available 3. Reduced Electric Bills LED Tasklights use 50% less energy than fluorescent tasklights. 4. Reduce Maintenance Costs The life span of an LED light is 6 times longer than fluorescent lights. 5. Increase Productivity In addition to reducing the headaches and eyestrain that come from working under poor and failing lighting, LED technology provides excellent quality of light: crisp, bright, and able to come close to emulating natural daylight. This in turn leads to better cognitive performance and alertness. It also improves mood and morale, especially in the long, dark winter months. Click here to see thegenLED

National Office is the manufacturer of gen2 office furniture, a high quality office furniture line distributed nationally. We are also a full service dealer, working with our partners to provide our clients with any office furniture or accessory need they may need. We pride ourselves on our quality products and personal service.