Best Selling Seating Solutions of 2019

Looking for end of the year upgrades?
Another year has come and (almost) gone. Your Q4 results are beginning to roll in and it’s time to start making some serious decisions for the next year, but are some great options for finishing out your 2019 expenditures.

We've collected our three top-selling task chairs from 2019 for more information on these products and more  - Contact Us


Compel Derby ChairDerby by Compel - Click here to download brochure

Global Factor Seating


Factor by Global - Click here to download brochure


Hands down our best seller of 2019 - the Kimball Joya - Click here to download brochure


Prices shown are for standard models - some features shown here are not included on standard models, contact your Account Manager or for specific pricing.

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